Cupping therapyCupping treatment is an ancient treatment in which glass, bamboo, plastic or silicone cups are applied to the skin to create a suction. The cupping method lifts the skin, tissues and muscles upwards.

The lifting movements create space for fluid to move, helping to drain toxins and waste out of the body. Depending on the problem, cups may be moved (moving cupping) or placed on specific areas for longer periods, about 20-40 minutes (fixed cupping).

Moving cupping is recognized as one of the best deep-tissue massage treatments. Patients also find this treatment very pleasant.

The treatment stimulates blood and Qi circulation, removing stagnation and toxins. It is a very efficent pain relief therapy often used to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain and to relax stiff muscles.

After cupping treatment (especially fixed cupping) the skin can be left with red or purple marks which will disappear after a few days.