VoetreflexbehandelingThe feet are an important part of the body that connects us to the earth. We rarely pay attention to the condition of our feet but it can determine the health of the rest of the body, affecting our posture and causing imbalance in other areas.

In reflexology, it is believed that specific points and areas on the foot correspond to different organs, systems, bones and glands of the body.

Problems can manifest themselves in areas of the feet as hard and sensitive places that can be treated with presssure on certain points.

Foot reflexology differs from foot massage in that it concentrates on these specific points. The aim is to release tension in affected areas and organs and stimulate the immune system to self recovery.

Each foot represent a vertical half of the body. The left foot corresponds to the left side of the body and the right foot to the right side.

Therefore, for example, the gall bladder may be treated on the reflex areas of the right foot, and the spleen on the reflex areas of the left foot.

Reflexology complements other therapies and is widely known and used throughout the world. It is also popular as a self-treatment therapy.

For this treatment the patient stays fully clothed except for the feet. The treatment can be done with or without oil depending on the patients preference.